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Public Health Nurse (Emergency Preparedness)
Location:Health Dept WR
FT/PT:Full-time 38.75hrs/week - WRS Eligible
Deadline to apply:12/06/2021
Hiring Range:$52,510.90 - $60,006.70/annually
Job Responsibilities:

Purpose of Position

The general purpose of positions in this classification is to provide services in public health programs that promote and maintain the health of individuals, families, groups, and the community through coalition building and facilitation, teaching, counseling, and appropriate preventive screening measures. Public Health Nurses collaborate and consult within multidisciplinary and multiagency teams in order to achieve desirable outcomes for families and communities. Public Health Nursing interventions occur at individual, family, community, and systems levels depending upon the responsibilities of the position and the issues involved. 

In addition, this position will lead the department’s work in the area of public health emergency preparedness efforts.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

The following duties are normal for this classification. These are not to be construed as exclusive or all-inclusive. Other duties may be required and assigned.

Public Health Sciences
1. Performs comprehensive individual and family assessments which include health history, physical assessment, growth monitoring, developmental assessment, psycho-social assessment, assessment of family functioning, assessment for substance abuse or domestic violence issues, and assessment of basic needs including food, housing, income, resources and supports, and access to health care. 
2. Provides care coordination, referral and follow-up to individuals and families who are members of a vulnerable population and/or high-risk groups.  Evaluates outcomes, effectiveness of plan, and makes changes as necessary. 
3. Uses public health surveillance/disease investigation methods in community outreach, screening, and case finding of communicable and infectious diseases that threaten the health of the community. 
4. Engages individuals and families in a plan of care that addresses their identified health deficits and issues. Provides education and counseling to individuals, families and community groups that are adapted to their unique needs, lifestyle, cultural and socio-economic situation. 
5. Obtains and completes appropriate client consent forms, ensures client confidentiality and maintains orderly medical records. Follows established policies and procedures as well as the State and Federal laws that govern the release of health care information. 
6. Documents client assessment and intervention data in medical records. Uses established medical record forms, databases and documentation practices. 
7. Consistent with provisions of the Wisconsin Nurse Practice Act, delegates and supervises Individuals who assist the registered nurse in a manner consistent with those individuals’ job classifications or scope of practice as nursing students.
8. Collaborates in development and delivery of programs and activities for individuals, families and population groups that promote health and prevent disease, in settings including, but not limited to the Health Department location, homes, community organizations and businesses, schools, and the community in general.
9. Evaluates outcomes of public health nursing interventions; works with others (clients and other professionals) to makes changes as necessary.
10. Participates in response teams to prevent, minimize, and contain adverse health events and conditions resulting from communicable diseases; food-, water-, and vector-borne outbreaks; chronic diseases; environmental hazards; injuries; and health disparities.
11. Collaborates in the development of and contributes to individual, team, and Departmental quality improvement and evaluation activities.  
12. Ensures compliance with relevant emergency preparedness contracts and State and Federal regulations.

Community Dimensions of Practice
13. Advocates on behalf of vulnerable individuals and populations; participates in assessing and evaluating health care services to ensure that people are informed of available programs and services and are assisted in the utilization of those services.  
14. Participates in Wood County Health Department sanctioned research and projects that seek to improve the health of communities and determine new ways to address health issues.
15. Contributes to a work environment that fosters ongoing educational experiences regarding public health nursing for colleagues, nursing and other health-related students, healthcare professionals and members of the community.

Analysis and Assessment

16. Participates in community assessment as requested. Can distinguish between quantitative and qualitative community assessment data; understands incidence and prevalence data; knows how to access basic community epidemiological data. 
17. Participates in the analysis of data to identify trends, health problems, environmental health hazards, and social and economic conditions that adversely affect the public’s health.
18. Collects, summarizes, and reports performance improvement data in the area of public health emergency preparedness.
19. Develops and/or uses databases and software programs to gather and maintain needed data for health promotion and disease prevention, emergency response, evaluation, and quality improvement efforts.

Leadership and Systems Thinking
20. Demonstrates knowledge of applicable state professional practice guidelines for registered professional nurses, the American Nurses’ Association Scope and Standards of Practice for Public Health Nursing any other Federal and State laws and regulations applicable to practice as an public health nursing professional. 
21. Adheres to applicable Occupational Safety and Health Administration standards, such as those concerning exposure to bloodborne pathogens, toxic substances, airborne pathogens or exposure to other hazards during routine assignments or assignments during public health emergencies.  
22. Collaborates in developing a work environment where continuous quality improvements in practice are pursued.  
23. Assumes responsibility for own professional growth and development by pursuing education and participating in professional committees and work groups. 
24. Facilitates and provides emergency preparedness training to all staff; oversees preparedness planning drills and evaluation of emergency preparedness efforts.
25. Coordinates outreach and management of vaccine clinics; ensures safe and proper storage, handling, and administration of vaccine.

Policy Development and Program Planning 
26. Coordinates public health activities with other stakeholders, partners, agencies and jurisdictions.
27. Collaborates in the development of evidence-based public health nursing practices and programs in collaboration with universities, other agencies, businesses, trade associations, other staff and the public.  
28. Collaborates in the development, implementation and evaluation of long and short-range policies, plans and programs for public health and public health nursing in Wood County. 
29. Collaborates in and contributes to individual, team, and departmental quality improvement and evaluation activities.  
30. Serves on inter-jurisdictional or multi-agency committees involved in policy development related to public health emergency preparedness.
31. Assures all agency emergency preparedness plans are current and compliant with all mandates.
32. Develops necessary forms and correspondence for the emergency preparedness program.

Communication and Cultural Competency
33. Delivers targeted, culturally appropriate information to help individuals and groups understand local public health programs and policies.
34. Utilizes appropriate methods for interacting effectively and professionally with persons of all ages and from diverse cultural, socioeconomic, educational, racial, and ethnic backgrounds, sexual orientations, lifestyles and physical abilities.
35. Adheres to ethical principles and Wood County Health Department policies in the collection, maintenance, use, and dissemination of data and information.

Financial Planning and Management 
36. Collaborates in activities such as time studies that contribute to the development of budgets and the efficient use of resources.
37. Operates programs within budgetary constraints.
38. Contributes to the preparation of proposals for funding from external sources for emergency preparedness program budgets.  
39. Assists in the development and writing of proposals for emergency preparedness grants and contracts.

Additional Tasks and Responsibilities
While the following tasks are necessary for the work of the unit, they are not an essential part of the purpose of this classification and may also be performed by other unit members.

40. Performs public health emergency response duties as assigned and consistent with job classification and training provided, in response to threats to the public’s health.
41. Participates in Department and community emergency response training and drills consistent with job classification in support of public health emergency and disaster preparedness.
42. Works to support the mission of the department and adheres to the core values as described in the most current agency strategic plan. 
43. Performs other duties as assigned consistent with job classification.

Job Qualifications:
Minimum Training and Experience Required to Perform Essential Job Functions

A Public Health Nurse, in addition to being licensed as a registered nurse, shall have one of the following:
1) A bachelor’s degree from a nursing program approved by the board of nursing or accredited by the national professional nursing education accrediting organization. The program shall include preparation in public health nursing or community health nursing.
2) A master’s degree from a nursing program accredited by the national professional nursing education accrediting organization. The program shall include preparation in public health nursing or community health nursing.
3) A public health nurse certificate issued by the department prior to December 1, 1984.

Two years of public health and emergency preparedness experience is preferred.  National Incident Management Systems (NIMS)/Incident Command System (ICS) 100, 200, and 700 certification within six (6) months of employment; 300 and 400 certification within one year of employment. Possession of a valid Wisconsin driver’s license, as well as a licensed and insured automobile is required; or other means of reliable transportation immediately available to candidate. Possession of basic everyday living skills, the ability to understand and follow oral and written directions (must act based on written and/or verbal directions and make independent judgments based on data collection within department protocols).  The ability to read, write, add and subtract (data collection, statistical evaluation, writing instructions and/or reports, charting, writing referrals). Ability to perform all aspects of nursing practice and concepts of Public Health Nursing. Certification for Cardio-pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) preferred.  Demonstrated ability to maintain confidentiality. Must pass post-offer pre-employment drug test and must provide current immunization record. Tuberculin skin test is required upon employment.

Common business office machines used:  computer, copy machine. Medical equipment used:  first aid equipment, general (needles, bandages, etc.), stethoscope, hemacue, glucometer, audiometer, otoscope, spygmomonometer, opthalmoscope. Personal protective equipment used:  CPR mask, respirator, eye protection, gloves, sharps containers.