Wood County is an Equal Opportunity Employer (M/F/D/V).

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Corrections Officers - Part-time
Location:County Courthse WR
FT/PT:Casual - up to 1,200 hrs/year
Deadline to apply:06/09/2019
Hiring Range:$15.00/hr
Job Responsibilities:
Purpose of Position
Responsible for the care and custody of jail inmates, collect and distribute health request forms as required, notify supervisor of health, medical, and emotional needs of the inmates and maintain security and order in the jail.  Assist with, and complete, transports as assigned.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities
The following duties are normal for this position.  These are not to be construed as exclusive or all-inclusive.  Other duties may be required and/or assigned.
1. Assist with inmates.
a) Book in:  Complete required paperwork and enter collected information into the Jail Record Management system; secure property according to procedure and policy; advise and give inmate rules of the jail; search inmates; mug photos, finger print and record data on inmates; issue bedding and clothing; label and store street clothing; indicate inmate’s location on master board; place information in correct locations; answer phones, set appointments, send teletypes as needed, and/or other duties as needed at the book in area.
b) Alert supervisor and/or staff when action is needed with inmates.
c) Huber area:  Provide Huber inmates with Huber rules, application form and other needed items for Huber release; verify and approve employment of inmates; collect time sheets; file and maintain Huber information; log inmates in and out and verify their location; check for rule violations; make written reports as required; notify cooks of meal counts and assist in distributing sack lunches; keep Huber area clean; make random telephone checks on Huber inmates to verify their location.
d) Visitation:  Escort inmates to and from visiting areas; search inmates after face to face visits; review visiting schedule for the day; refer any problems to supervisor; inspect visitation rooms; approve inmate visitation requests when needed.
e) Control room:  Assist in control room operation when assigned.
f) Meals:  Serve meals; count utensils that go into and out of cells; collect dishes, etc. and return to washing area; be certain that all inmates are fed; provide meal counts to the cooks; hand out Huber sack lunches; keep any records required.
g) Linen Exchange:  Change bedding and towels according to procedure.  Change clothing consistent with procedure, count all items in the exchange and check the condition of items during exchange and report damage and shortages.  Remove unusable items, report unusable items and place them in a designated area. Report low supplies and problems to supervisor.
h) Inmate Requests:  Collect any inmate requests for the following:  medical, commissary, visitation, religious, personal hygiene, lawyer, or others as needed.  Obtain writing paper for inmates.
i) Jail Inspections:  Inspect and document inspections of cell blocks, inmates, inmates of special watches, medical watches and suicide watches and other areas more often if circumstances dictate.  Notify supervisor of unsafe conditions, prepare written reports, inspect for unsanitary conditions, and refer items to correct to supervisor.  Check area where maintenance workers have been, check for any security issues and refer for correction.
j) Supervise inmate workers:  washing clothes, cleaning, washing dishes, removing garbage, and performing other duties assigned.
k) Jail Violations:  Document violations of rules, notify supervisor immediately of incidents that affect the safety and security of the facility, assist in disciplinary actions as needed, prepare written reports as required, and testify as required in hearings. 
l) Frisk/Search Inmates:  Frisk / Search inmates as required for facility security and search cells as required.
m) Release of Inmates:  Re-check on mugs and prints; obtain signatures from inmates where needed; release property to inmates; make sure inmate’s cell is cleaned out of personal items; inspect the cell of the inmate for damage, etc.; lock all empty cells.
2. Know and follow the Policies and Procedures of Wood County.  
3. Know and practice the Safety policies of the County.  Perform all job tasks in a safe and prescribed manner.

Additional Tasks and Responsibilities

While the following tasks are necessary for the work of the unit, they are not an essential part of the purpose of this position and may also be performed by other unit members.
1. Communicate with inmates.  Require inmates to maintain acceptable levels of personal hygiene.  Provide hygiene information to inmates if requested.  Instruct inmates in housekeeping and sanitation procedures.
2. Conduct inmate counts.  Maintain order, control and security at all times.  Report damage to supervisor or duty officer.
3. Know and follow emergency procedures.  Respond to alarms within the jail and take proper action, including evacuations, and extinguish small fires.
4. Operate the computer systems, as needed.  Answer phones.  Operate jail equipment and cell doors.
5. Check for low supplies and notify supervisor.  Inspect supplies, put away supplies as needed, and inventory items as needed.
6. Review policy/procedural manuals, bulletins or directives.  Bring job-related problems to the supervisor.
7. Assist volunteers.
8. Clean areas of the jail that need it.  Perform general housekeeping duties when needed.
9. Take legible fingerprints and collect data as needed.  Forward this information as needed.
10. Investigate alarms in the facility.
11. Perform other duties as assigned.
Job Qualifications:
Minimum Training, Experience and Qualifications Required to Perform Essential Job Functions

A High school diploma or equivalent (Criminal Justice / Corrections degree preferred) or be presently Certified, enrolled in a Criminal Justice program or Certifiable as a Corrections Officer in the State of Wisconsin.  Eighteen (18) years of age or older, United States citizen, be of good reputation, no felony convictions, good health, pass pre-appointment investigation as well as pre-employment physical examination and drug screening. A valid Wisconsin Driver’s License and ability to operate a motor vehicle is required.